Tahitian Pearl, Color Change Sapphire and 14k Gold Earrings


Ringed Tahitian pearls wire wrapped onto 14k gold ball pins sway beneath charms of the same metal. Tube set within the gold charms are a pair of color-change sapphires that appear plum purple in daylight while taking on a raspberry red hue under indoor lighting (shown in the third photo). The dark red-purple hue of the sapphires complements the reddish purple and green peacock luster of the pearls quite nicely. Though the pearls are somewhat mismatched for shape and size, their unusual baroque quality make these earrings truly one of a kind. The sapphires are 3.4 mm in diameter with a combined weight of 0.35 carats, and the pearls are approximately 9 x 10 mm. The earrings dangle from 14k gold ear wires and measure a little less than 1.5” from the tops of the wires.